Thursday, 26 September 2013

Shorty with Bob Hair ~ Size changes by Nuskin TRA

Its had been a long time since I last blogged. I think my last blog was in May or maybe April itself~~

My bad

Nowadays, I am super duper de lazy to upload the pictures here as I had to resize before I can upload here. So....I gave up...arghhh

Latest update....


Doesnt know why I am so emo to do so..

Actually on that day, I am suppose to head to the bearest petrol station to pump petrol as the next day the petrol price will be increasing by 20cents.

and yes, I am one of the kiasu..

But, guess what, there are more kiasuS in the world. The queue for petrol is so damn long. It even caused jam nearby the Lotus Restaurant in Teluk Pulai!

So, I drive and drive and drive and ended up in Setia City Mall. Went in and look for Dexter from D'Beauty Box.
Requested to cut my hair short. My hairstylist asked me, Wah!! U "sat lun" a???

I answered," No, I am pregnant so need to cut my hair short before my confinement!"

We had been in such wuliao conversation since the first time I stepped into this saloon. But the Dexter sifu de skill really not bad. He is very detailed and very particular in the hair cutting and hair dye. He prefer to do all the steps by himself on order to deliver the best result. Personal opinion only la. Not advertising for him.

The last time I chopped my hair to short, I cried for one whole day when I am 12.

However,  my hairstylist promised this time will be different. Used almost 2 hours plus for cuttig and dye ing and tadaaa...

I became this....

Happy with the result

From this,

My previous long hair

After cutting my hair, I become super "zi lian" and my Iphone is full with my camwhoring photos

Besides the hair, my weight had already reduced from 60kg ( I could not believe!) to currently 53kg (still heavy but better than previously LOT LOT for me la). Took 3 months TRA programme from Nuskin. Previously when my friend promote me this stuff. I told her, "U siao kah?"." Kenot Thin de la" ,

..but end up I become like this. I am amazed. Thanks to Emily consultant!
Become Ini Macam

Anyways, the 3 months course had ended and I continue with my normal food intake. Hopefully, I will be able to maintain it and continue practising healthier lifestyle.

Highly recommended! This is Hanjuku Cheese from Lavender. New product! Taste really good. Smooth cheesy texture and very rich taste.

again Not an advertisement. Just my sincere Recommendation.

That's all for now.


Friday, 17 May 2013

Fashion Week in Pyramid and Wonderful Show in Genting Highlands


Good Day!

Nowadays, the weather is so damn hot. Making my house, a big sauna room.

I can even sweat when I am bathing!

So, in order to save myself from the hot weather, I sneaked to Pyramid on last weekend.
"Kam ngam" , they are having a fashion week in Pyramid.

What so special regarding this event?
They have wonders from different countries such as Signature Red Telephone Booth in London, Paris Tower, Statue of Liberty and so on. 

Waiting for Taxi Taxi

They also have a photo booth there. You can snap a beautiful picture of yourself and submit to the Sunway Pyramid website. Rewards - Unknown.You can go find it out and update me later. Arigatou~

Stupid Pose

Besides Pyramid, Genting Highlands is also one of my resort to escape the super hot sun.
Went there last Friday after work and visited the casino, of course.
Middle of the month le.. Insufficient fund so have to go withdraw some money from Uncle Lim's son.

I also got to see a great show from a Japanese performer at the centre court in First World.
He is really good  and dedicated in his show. Even if he failed in performing the stunt at first, he will redo it and make sure it is a success. Really enjoyable!

Please click on the video to have a look.
(Sorry for the low quality video as it is captured by using my Iphone)

P/S: The performer is quite cute as well.

Smile smile. All troubles will go off

That's all for now. Stay tune :). Hopefully the weather would not be that hot anymore. Pray hard....

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Kissaten~Setia City Mall

Moshi moshi,

日はレストランの喫茶店を紹介するつもりです  >.<

(Today I am going to introduce you to Kissaten Restaurant)- Paiseh o if the translation is wrong because I used direct Google translate. Blame it on Google if it is wrong.


Kissaten is a casual Japanese restaurant where it does not serve sushi so please do not go to this restaurant hoping to order Tamago, Maki and so on.

FYI, Kissaten in Japanese meaning Café.

This restaurant served quite a large selection of foods ranging from burgers, spaghetti, pizza, burger patty steaks, western cakes, nabemono (hot pot), salads, ramen and also some desserts.  So, do not afraid there is no suitable food for those fussy eaters.

Ordered Chicken Teriyaki Sausage Burger (KissBurger)

Chicken Teriyaki Sausage Burger

Chicken Teriyaki Spaghetti

Close Up View of the Chic Teriyaki Spaghetti

The Chicken Teriyaki Sausage is really delicious. The meat is succelent and perfectly fragrant. However, for those who cannot accept a single bit of fat meat then this is not suitable for you as there is small small chunks of fat meats in the sausage which is essential to avoid making the sausage taste dry and not yummy.

There is also plenty of lettuce and tomatoes in the burger. To make me less guilty from consuming the burger.

The portion of the Chicken Teriyaki Spaghetti is just nice for one person. The teriyaki chicken tasted like the "Cha Siew" with some mayonnaise on top. Super delicious. As for the spaghetti, they mixed the vinegar, olive and also onion. Taste wise is good except it is slightly oily.

They served complimentary warm and iced water.

Total Damage is only RM33.90.

Currently, they have some cake promotion on going. For patron who visited the restaurant at 3-6pm, there will be able to enjoy a free cup of coffee with every purchase of cake. While , after 8pm, all their cake will be 20% off.

Please take note, this post is not a sponsored post. Recommendation is merely because I feel the food is tasty and worth to share with others.

Can't wait to visit them again to try out on the Char Siew Pizza and also the other KissBurger.

I am Malaysian. Election.

Dear all readers,

As all of us know 05.05.2013 is a super duper meaningful date to all Malaysian.

It is a day where we get to make a major change in our lives: Election Day

and thanks to this election, yesterday there is a minor traffic jam in Klang Utama nearby the Econsave as everybody wanted to catch a glimpse of Anwar giving his "ceramah" in the field opposite of Econsave.

Yeah.. I am one of the "Ke Po" who happen to be there because of other reason.

The reason: Ubah Birdie

I am there trying my luck whether they will be selling the "Ubah" birdie in the area. Plenty of thanks to my good brother for conning me.

He had one of the birdie. When I asked him to go buy one for me, he said:
He : Aiyo, u ownself go and buy la.
Me: Go where buy?
He : Go those places where the Pakatan gave ceramah la. There got sell ma.

So, me being the silly one. Went there and came back disappointed.

No sight of the birdie.

However, a new experience la. Once I reached the "padang", the song of  "Oppa Ubah" style (modified version of the Oppa Gangnam Style) is being played by one of the supporters.

There are also volunteers helping in directing the traffic.

I happened to turn in a dead end road. Shit. Stuck in a super small road and I had to make a 3 point turn in order to come out from the road.

Luckily there are 2 good Samaritans (house residents), one helping me to see my car backside. One helped to see the front of my car. After many times of reversing, at last I succeed in turning out from the road. Really glad to see there are still good people in Malaysia after looking at all sort of rapist, robbery and those negative news on the paper.

The crowd in the field is quite large. Super amazed to see those old auntie and uncle in the field as well.

When the person in the stage started to shout,"Ini kali lah" then the crowd will shout, "Ubah". I saw one of the uncle around 70 years old plus also shouting "Ubah".

Whoa...seems like BN will be facing stiff competition this year. But, it is good. Maybe sometimes, we need some opposition to make our country a better living place.

At first, I planned to listen to Anwar's speech before I make a move but, Sorry la. Too hot already so after 10 minutes then I went off.

So everybody, please prepare for 505 where we get to cast away the bad and welcome the good (maybe and hope so).

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Hong Kong Trip: Big Buddha and Meeting TVB star!

 Part 2 of Hong Kong begins here :)

Early in the morning, we "cuk fat" to meet the Big Buddha.

How to go:
1. Take the MRT to Tung Chung Station. From there, it is only a walking distance to the Ngong Ping Cable Car which you have to take in order to complete your quest to meet the "Dai Fatt" (Big Buddha)

Everytime when you watched the TVB drama saying "Hui Dai Yu San, Sek Zai, Pai Dai Fatt"(cantonese)  meaning "Go Lantau Island, Eat vegetarian and Pray to the Big Buddha". Ta daaa.... this is the place that I am going today.

There are 2 types of Cable Car: Normal and Crystal Cabin.

We took the crystal cabin. The base of the cabin is made from glass. Superb view of sea and hill along the journey. However, Sis BF damn scary cat. He been holding the side rail from the begining to the end! Recommended experience for first timer!

Spot the area below their feet! Blue blue Sea~

Reached the destination after around half an hour cable car.

Guess who we meet in the "Dai Yu San"?

Its him, the one who acted in "Fei Fu" together with the co-actress from the On call 36 hours.

He was saying , " My hair still so "yeng" even the wind blew so strongly".

Duh!! His hair already full of wax. Of course cannot fly d lah.

You have to climb around 500++  step of staircase before you can reach the top to pay tribute to the Big Buddha.

Recommended to climb up as you will get to enjoy a breezy view on top.

On top of here, all the merchandise that you purchased ranging from god statue, car hanger with bell and etc had already "kai Guang"(mandarin) . "Kai Guang" means the items can protect you against any misfortune and you will be needing to keep the items in a proper place.

We also enjoy a bowl of "San Shui Tau Fu Fa" (Soft Taufu made with Mountain Water ). You can choose to additional brown sugar in it.

The difference between this taufufa and the ordinary one is this taste softer but less sweet. The taste is too mild for my taste bud.

I still prefer those in Malaysia Pasar Malam Taufufa.

We are so damn hungry after we come down from the Big Buddha.

Therefore, lunch at Tung Chung Mall. You can see the mall immediately when you stopped at Tung Chung Station.

This mall is famous for its Outlet store. You can get cheaper price for the branded stuff that such as  Esprit Outlet, Raph Lauren, Burberry and many mores.

We went for lunch at the food court. They have plenty of choices in the food court ranging from Macau Speciaties such as Cheese Baked Seafood Rice, HK famous food- Sliced Beef Fried Kuey Teow, Wanton Mee, Congee and so on. Taste So So but the portion of ingredients is fabulous. HK people are not stingy in putting the ingredient in the food. Maybe not all the stall but from our 6days trip, all the foods we ate is absolutely excellent.

If you are paying around RM15 for a bowl of wanton mee, you can expect the ingredient in your mee worthy the price you pay! The size of the wanton itself is already 3-4x bigger than ours.

If you are already in Tung Chung Station, you can also proceed to take the Disneyland train from here.

Their windows and hand rails are of Mickey Mouse shape and you can also find mini Goofy, Minnie Mouse and also Chips and Dale statue on display in the train.

The Disneyland Station is also much more special compared to the others. The theme of the station is classical. Really nice for photo shooting.

We do not went into the Disneyland. Only dropby for sightseeing at the entrance.

Trying to catch the firework from the entrance. But, failed.

After the firework, we went back to Mongkok for the dinner.

You should try the "Pou Chai Fan" in HK. Taste delicious but recommended for sharing as the portion is quite big for a lady.

After that, we just went for strolling in the Sport Shoe Road and look for bargain stuff.

Back to hotel. Exhausted.

Coming soon in the post: Symphony of Light and Avenue of Star.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Jolie Nana Boutique

Hi, everybody!

FYI, my sis had just set up an online boutique. Please support her ya.

You can get alot of nice and really good quality clothes from there. Most of the stock is ready stock and all hand-picked personnaly by my sis.

FYI, sis is a very fussy person so you can rest assured that all the clothes she hand picked is really of good quality. Really really good quality and super comfy as well.

Please visit their facebook "Jolie Nana Boutique" and give them a "Like" ya. Arigatou Gozai mas!

Aztec Shirt from Jolie Nana Boutique


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

2013 Resolution Completed: Visit Hong Kong/Macau

Hong Kong ~Shopping Paradise~


Everytime when I watched the HK TVB drama, I will started to imagine myself in HK with all those beautiful night scenery in The Peak, their flavorful cuisine, shopping in HK and the most important..


In January 2013, I finally got the chance to visit HK with my sisters and also some extended "family members"

We went HK with budget airlines, Airasia.

It only costs RM400++ to fly me to HK but of course the service is also of RM400 quality. Everything is $$ in Airasia.

This Uncle Chin Chicken Rice costs rm13 (prebook with a cup of Mineral Water)

The flight took us almost 4 hours before we landed in the TVB Land!

waiting for the terminal train to go to the Main Airport Building

In HK, the Guardian is known as "Mannings"  (something different, ha?)

and Not to Forget: some "zi lian" Photos

We stayed in Ah Shan Hostel located in Mongkok. Very good location indeed as it situated nearby :
  • Ladies Street (great place to shop for souvenirs and also replica branded bag/wallet)
  • Sports Shoes Street (Po Hai Gai- branded sports shoe sell with competitive price)
  • A lot lot of delicious cuisines nearby ( HK porridge, "Siu Ngor Fan", Curry Fish Ball etc)

Disadvantages are:
  • Limited space (one room can only fits two single beds, and also two luggages). Any extra stuff, please throw it outside the room!
  • Super small bathroom (beware, might "ter"bang your hand while you are washing your hairs)
  • The water heater that sometimes works and sometimes NO. (so you have to jump in and out while you are bathin, pathetic!)

BUT, price wise is super affordable (around RM100/per room for 2 people)  so Nothing to be complain la...

Delicious curry fish Ball (tasted like "Keropok Lekor")

There are alot of  mini bus (xiu bus-well known for their reckless driving) along the Mongkok street. If you are walking on the road side, please beware of this mini bus. They tend to drive super near the pedestrian walkway!

Another recommended Street Food: "Gai Dan Chai"

Super crispy outside and fluffy inside. Drooling~

Everytime, when we are in overseas, we tend to act like "Mountain Mushroom "(Hokkien:Sua Gu). Everything also need to snap a photo. Even "Pili Bomba" in HK looks much more special than in Msia (kononnya la)


We wake up as early as 7am to go to original Hk Char Chan Teng for our breakfast. Our first taste of original "Por Lor Pao"(Pineapple Bun) and "Dan Tart" (Egg Tart). Yummy

HK Char Chan Teng Menu and their Price
(Rough Conversion to RM: Take their price x 4 then divided by 10)

For their " Por Lor Pao", taste So So nia as I do not like their overly fragrance taste (too artificial). HK "Dan Tart' is the BEST...They are not stingy with the yellow egg. Therefore, every bite, you can taste the super delicious and fluffy egg taste together with crispy pastry. Unlike in local Msia, the pastry part is even thicker than the egg (in certain places)

 From Top: Pineapple Bun, "Kong Zai Min" with Chasiu, Egg Tart

Our Breakfast Spread
After our breakfast, we went for a short walk along the "Kam Yu Gai" (Gold Fish Street) where people selling gold fish in a plastic packet at the street side.

 beautiful gold fish behind of Us

HK street view

That's all for HK Trip (Part 1)
Please stay tuned for the Part 2 ya

Ending this Post with the Mong Kok MRT signage. Chiaoz~