Thursday, 26 September 2013

Shorty with Bob Hair ~ Size changes by Nuskin TRA

Its had been a long time since I last blogged. I think my last blog was in May or maybe April itself~~

My bad

Nowadays, I am super duper de lazy to upload the pictures here as I had to resize before I can upload here. So....I gave up...arghhh

Latest update....


Doesnt know why I am so emo to do so..

Actually on that day, I am suppose to head to the bearest petrol station to pump petrol as the next day the petrol price will be increasing by 20cents.

and yes, I am one of the kiasu..

But, guess what, there are more kiasuS in the world. The queue for petrol is so damn long. It even caused jam nearby the Lotus Restaurant in Teluk Pulai!

So, I drive and drive and drive and ended up in Setia City Mall. Went in and look for Dexter from D'Beauty Box.
Requested to cut my hair short. My hairstylist asked me, Wah!! U "sat lun" a???

I answered," No, I am pregnant so need to cut my hair short before my confinement!"

We had been in such wuliao conversation since the first time I stepped into this saloon. But the Dexter sifu de skill really not bad. He is very detailed and very particular in the hair cutting and hair dye. He prefer to do all the steps by himself on order to deliver the best result. Personal opinion only la. Not advertising for him.

The last time I chopped my hair to short, I cried for one whole day when I am 12.

However,  my hairstylist promised this time will be different. Used almost 2 hours plus for cuttig and dye ing and tadaaa...

I became this....

Happy with the result

From this,

My previous long hair

After cutting my hair, I become super "zi lian" and my Iphone is full with my camwhoring photos

Besides the hair, my weight had already reduced from 60kg ( I could not believe!) to currently 53kg (still heavy but better than previously LOT LOT for me la). Took 3 months TRA programme from Nuskin. Previously when my friend promote me this stuff. I told her, "U siao kah?"." Kenot Thin de la" ,

..but end up I become like this. I am amazed. Thanks to Emily consultant!
Become Ini Macam

Anyways, the 3 months course had ended and I continue with my normal food intake. Hopefully, I will be able to maintain it and continue practising healthier lifestyle.

Highly recommended! This is Hanjuku Cheese from Lavender. New product! Taste really good. Smooth cheesy texture and very rich taste.

again Not an advertisement. Just my sincere Recommendation.

That's all for now.


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