Thursday, 2 May 2013

I am Malaysian. Election.

Dear all readers,

As all of us know 05.05.2013 is a super duper meaningful date to all Malaysian.

It is a day where we get to make a major change in our lives: Election Day

and thanks to this election, yesterday there is a minor traffic jam in Klang Utama nearby the Econsave as everybody wanted to catch a glimpse of Anwar giving his "ceramah" in the field opposite of Econsave.

Yeah.. I am one of the "Ke Po" who happen to be there because of other reason.

The reason: Ubah Birdie

I am there trying my luck whether they will be selling the "Ubah" birdie in the area. Plenty of thanks to my good brother for conning me.

He had one of the birdie. When I asked him to go buy one for me, he said:
He : Aiyo, u ownself go and buy la.
Me: Go where buy?
He : Go those places where the Pakatan gave ceramah la. There got sell ma.

So, me being the silly one. Went there and came back disappointed.

No sight of the birdie.

However, a new experience la. Once I reached the "padang", the song of  "Oppa Ubah" style (modified version of the Oppa Gangnam Style) is being played by one of the supporters.

There are also volunteers helping in directing the traffic.

I happened to turn in a dead end road. Shit. Stuck in a super small road and I had to make a 3 point turn in order to come out from the road.

Luckily there are 2 good Samaritans (house residents), one helping me to see my car backside. One helped to see the front of my car. After many times of reversing, at last I succeed in turning out from the road. Really glad to see there are still good people in Malaysia after looking at all sort of rapist, robbery and those negative news on the paper.

The crowd in the field is quite large. Super amazed to see those old auntie and uncle in the field as well.

When the person in the stage started to shout,"Ini kali lah" then the crowd will shout, "Ubah". I saw one of the uncle around 70 years old plus also shouting "Ubah".

Whoa...seems like BN will be facing stiff competition this year. But, it is good. Maybe sometimes, we need some opposition to make our country a better living place.

At first, I planned to listen to Anwar's speech before I make a move but, Sorry la. Too hot already so after 10 minutes then I went off.

So everybody, please prepare for 505 where we get to cast away the bad and welcome the good (maybe and hope so).

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