Thursday, 2 May 2013

Kissaten~Setia City Mall

Moshi moshi,

日はレストランの喫茶店を紹介するつもりです  >.<

(Today I am going to introduce you to Kissaten Restaurant)- Paiseh o if the translation is wrong because I used direct Google translate. Blame it on Google if it is wrong.


Kissaten is a casual Japanese restaurant where it does not serve sushi so please do not go to this restaurant hoping to order Tamago, Maki and so on.

FYI, Kissaten in Japanese meaning Café.

This restaurant served quite a large selection of foods ranging from burgers, spaghetti, pizza, burger patty steaks, western cakes, nabemono (hot pot), salads, ramen and also some desserts.  So, do not afraid there is no suitable food for those fussy eaters.

Ordered Chicken Teriyaki Sausage Burger (KissBurger)

Chicken Teriyaki Sausage Burger

Chicken Teriyaki Spaghetti

Close Up View of the Chic Teriyaki Spaghetti

The Chicken Teriyaki Sausage is really delicious. The meat is succelent and perfectly fragrant. However, for those who cannot accept a single bit of fat meat then this is not suitable for you as there is small small chunks of fat meats in the sausage which is essential to avoid making the sausage taste dry and not yummy.

There is also plenty of lettuce and tomatoes in the burger. To make me less guilty from consuming the burger.

The portion of the Chicken Teriyaki Spaghetti is just nice for one person. The teriyaki chicken tasted like the "Cha Siew" with some mayonnaise on top. Super delicious. As for the spaghetti, they mixed the vinegar, olive and also onion. Taste wise is good except it is slightly oily.

They served complimentary warm and iced water.

Total Damage is only RM33.90.

Currently, they have some cake promotion on going. For patron who visited the restaurant at 3-6pm, there will be able to enjoy a free cup of coffee with every purchase of cake. While , after 8pm, all their cake will be 20% off.

Please take note, this post is not a sponsored post. Recommendation is merely because I feel the food is tasty and worth to share with others.

Can't wait to visit them again to try out on the Char Siew Pizza and also the other KissBurger.

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