Wednesday, 3 April 2013

2013 Resolution Completed: Visit Hong Kong/Macau

Hong Kong ~Shopping Paradise~


Everytime when I watched the HK TVB drama, I will started to imagine myself in HK with all those beautiful night scenery in The Peak, their flavorful cuisine, shopping in HK and the most important..


In January 2013, I finally got the chance to visit HK with my sisters and also some extended "family members"

We went HK with budget airlines, Airasia.

It only costs RM400++ to fly me to HK but of course the service is also of RM400 quality. Everything is $$ in Airasia.

This Uncle Chin Chicken Rice costs rm13 (prebook with a cup of Mineral Water)

The flight took us almost 4 hours before we landed in the TVB Land!

waiting for the terminal train to go to the Main Airport Building

In HK, the Guardian is known as "Mannings"  (something different, ha?)

and Not to Forget: some "zi lian" Photos

We stayed in Ah Shan Hostel located in Mongkok. Very good location indeed as it situated nearby :
  • Ladies Street (great place to shop for souvenirs and also replica branded bag/wallet)
  • Sports Shoes Street (Po Hai Gai- branded sports shoe sell with competitive price)
  • A lot lot of delicious cuisines nearby ( HK porridge, "Siu Ngor Fan", Curry Fish Ball etc)

Disadvantages are:
  • Limited space (one room can only fits two single beds, and also two luggages). Any extra stuff, please throw it outside the room!
  • Super small bathroom (beware, might "ter"bang your hand while you are washing your hairs)
  • The water heater that sometimes works and sometimes NO. (so you have to jump in and out while you are bathin, pathetic!)

BUT, price wise is super affordable (around RM100/per room for 2 people)  so Nothing to be complain la...

Delicious curry fish Ball (tasted like "Keropok Lekor")

There are alot of  mini bus (xiu bus-well known for their reckless driving) along the Mongkok street. If you are walking on the road side, please beware of this mini bus. They tend to drive super near the pedestrian walkway!

Another recommended Street Food: "Gai Dan Chai"

Super crispy outside and fluffy inside. Drooling~

Everytime, when we are in overseas, we tend to act like "Mountain Mushroom "(Hokkien:Sua Gu). Everything also need to snap a photo. Even "Pili Bomba" in HK looks much more special than in Msia (kononnya la)


We wake up as early as 7am to go to original Hk Char Chan Teng for our breakfast. Our first taste of original "Por Lor Pao"(Pineapple Bun) and "Dan Tart" (Egg Tart). Yummy

HK Char Chan Teng Menu and their Price
(Rough Conversion to RM: Take their price x 4 then divided by 10)

For their " Por Lor Pao", taste So So nia as I do not like their overly fragrance taste (too artificial). HK "Dan Tart' is the BEST...They are not stingy with the yellow egg. Therefore, every bite, you can taste the super delicious and fluffy egg taste together with crispy pastry. Unlike in local Msia, the pastry part is even thicker than the egg (in certain places)

 From Top: Pineapple Bun, "Kong Zai Min" with Chasiu, Egg Tart

Our Breakfast Spread
After our breakfast, we went for a short walk along the "Kam Yu Gai" (Gold Fish Street) where people selling gold fish in a plastic packet at the street side.

 beautiful gold fish behind of Us

HK street view

That's all for HK Trip (Part 1)
Please stay tuned for the Part 2 ya

Ending this Post with the Mong Kok MRT signage. Chiaoz~

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