Friday, 17 May 2013

Fashion Week in Pyramid and Wonderful Show in Genting Highlands


Good Day!

Nowadays, the weather is so damn hot. Making my house, a big sauna room.

I can even sweat when I am bathing!

So, in order to save myself from the hot weather, I sneaked to Pyramid on last weekend.
"Kam ngam" , they are having a fashion week in Pyramid.

What so special regarding this event?
They have wonders from different countries such as Signature Red Telephone Booth in London, Paris Tower, Statue of Liberty and so on. 

Waiting for Taxi Taxi

They also have a photo booth there. You can snap a beautiful picture of yourself and submit to the Sunway Pyramid website. Rewards - Unknown.You can go find it out and update me later. Arigatou~

Stupid Pose

Besides Pyramid, Genting Highlands is also one of my resort to escape the super hot sun.
Went there last Friday after work and visited the casino, of course.
Middle of the month le.. Insufficient fund so have to go withdraw some money from Uncle Lim's son.

I also got to see a great show from a Japanese performer at the centre court in First World.
He is really good  and dedicated in his show. Even if he failed in performing the stunt at first, he will redo it and make sure it is a success. Really enjoyable!

Please click on the video to have a look.
(Sorry for the low quality video as it is captured by using my Iphone)

P/S: The performer is quite cute as well.

Smile smile. All troubles will go off

That's all for now. Stay tune :). Hopefully the weather would not be that hot anymore. Pray hard....

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