Wednesday, 6 July 2016

a day with Okonomi @ Publika

Ever since we started working in KL, we rarely have the time to go for cafe hopping. Whenever there is a holiday or during weekend, we prefer to laze at home, rather than going out and jam-packed with the large crowd. 

However, for this Raya, we decided to re-visit Okonomi @ Publika to have our customized sushi roll and also to utilize our winning in the Okonomi Instagram Contest! It has been such a long time since my last winning in online contest.
Yes~ I am @laepeng. Clapped :P ~

Previous visit to Okonomi with my family makes me fall in love with their self-customizing concept.
Okonomi @ Block A4-G2 Publika
For me, I really dislike having cucumber in my UraMaki. Super hate the hassle of  needing to pull out the whole cucumber from my UraMaki. 

Therefore, today, I gona make my own UraMaki roll. Ignore all the vegetables and only slotting in all my favourite; Chicken Karaage~Salmon~etc.  (Yes, I am a carnivore).

This is my UraMaki of the day.
My Nutty UraMaki.
Filling, Chicken Karaage, Fried Salmon and Mixed mushroom topped with Mentai Sauce & Crushed Nut.

This is the first time I have my UraMaki together with Crushed Nut. Delicious. Thumb Up.
Being "TamJiak" us, of course, one sushi roll would not be able to satisfy us. We also ordered Chicken Teriyaki Rice, Chicken Karaage and also Soft Shell Crab Pasta.

Chicken Karaage.

Chicken Teriyaki Rice.
Rating : 8/10
Hubby finished both Chicken Teriyaki Rice and Chicken Karaage by his own. So I guess he really loved both dishes a lot. He gave a thumb up for the Chicken Karaage's crunchiness.

Soft Shell Crab Pasta.
Rating: 7/10
The pasta taste really good with sesame sauce.I love the deep fried soft shell crab as it comes together with its' roe, However for ladies, please get a friend to share with you as the portion is quite big. I ate the whole bowl by my own and started feeling "jelak" after having 3/4 of it.

Last but not least, our dessert of the day.
Chocolate Lava Cake.
When they served us the Chocolate Lava Cake, the chocolate sauce had already leaked out from the cake. Therefore, when I poked my spoon into the cake, it does not have the chocolate bursting effect. A bit of disappointment. 

Otherwise, it will be a 10/10 rating.

Overall, both of us enjoyed the meal here. 
Only comment is the staff here are not really friendly and polite. They do not ask for our permission before taking away the plates from our table. 

Hopefully, the next visit, we will be able to see some improvement in them. But, one thing for sure, I will be back to try different way to customize my very own sushi roll. 

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