Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Croisette Cafe_Authentic French Cafe


Today is a great day to share with u all the authentic French cuisine in Bangsar. Went there for my birthday celebration and my super-great "DaJie" introduced this restaurant to us.

This restaurant is operated by a French chef and he is really well-known for his dessert. Recommended to come here to try out their dessert as it is featured in few major newspaper.

Personally, I love the dessert as the taste is just nice for my taste bud and not too sweet. Thumb up for them!

Enough of my rubbish already. It's time to show u some solid photo evidence :).

The interior of the café is simple and cozy

They also provide free magazine and newspaper for your leisure reading. However, seating is limited as this is a rather small scale restaurant. So , please make an advance booking in order to secure your table or to visit them during lunch time as the crowd is lesser in this hour.

Self-syok before the food arrive

We are the only customer as we visited the restaurant on Sunday afternoon. I guess most of the people is still in their sweet dream and yet to wake.

Recommended by the staff: Mussel Baked with Garlic Herbs
 The mussels are really fresh and they baked it just nice . So, when you chewed the mussel, there is still some juice. Yummy. Unlike certain place, their mussels is not overcook.

Pasta Clam Mariniere
This pasta is ordered by my dad. The spaghetti is cook with the clam and lightly curry flavoured. If you do not favor curry, you can just ask the chef to cook it with original taste. This is the best pasta as I had mentioned earlier the seafood they used is fresh, therefore the spaghetti gravy is also very flavorful. However, the gravy is too little.

Duck Confit with Potato Sarladaise
 Yeah! I ordered this duck. The meat is slightly too salty for me and the portion is just nice for one person. Suitable for lady eater and not for a male as they might not full with this. The Potato Sarladaise is delicious, lightly fried with garlic and some herbs. We even ordered extra portion of this potato dish.                          

Coq Au Riesling
 This is chicken dish is slowly cooked in white wine. According to the staff, they cooked this dish for more than 3 hours. Therefore, you can expect ample of flavor in the gravy. Couldn't stop myself from drinking the gravy like soup. But, this dish only come as per show in the image. If you are a rice person, please add on white rice to eat with this dish. You would have to top up few ringgit for the rice itself.

Besides that, another recommended dish is their cheesy Rotizza ( also known as pizza for us). The topping for this Rotizza is four different cheeses, mozzarella, parmesan, goat cheese and cheddar (if I do not remember it wrongly). Whoo... it is so damn cheesy. You can even pulled the cheese like how they advertise it in the Pizza Hut advertisement.

The menu
 We did order the Lamb Leg Blanquette as well. Might try out for lamb lover but not recommended for people who do not like to eat lamb smell.

Crème Brulee
Délicieux ! (meaning delicious in French). Very creamy and silky.

Millie-Feuille Strawberry Patisiere
 Must Try. I love this dessert. Strawberry used by the chef is sour. Therefore, it compliment the sweetness of this dessert. The pastry is delicious as well.

Chocolate Ganache?
 Do not recall the name of this dessert. Maybe you can consult the staff if you wish to try this out. Chocolate lover will love this~

Parfait, if I am not wrong
 This is too creamy for me. But, they are really generous with the ingredient. Expect large chunks of Peach and strawberry in this glass.

The lady boss
 Advice, do not bring your own cake even if you are going their for birthday celebration as they do have extra charges for the cake you bring on your own around RM45 if your total bill does not exceed RM500.

Just give them a call to reserve the their house cake/ just order a slice of cake if you want it for special occasion
All the review/comments above is only based on my personal opinion.
Croisette Café
Bangsar 28-0-3,
Level 3, Cascadium Condominum,
Jalan Penaga, Bukit Bandaraya,
Kuala Lumpur, 59100
014-665 7944
Website:Croisette Cafe

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