Friday, 29 March 2013

Not to fall for Streetdeal So-Called offer

Streetdeal Scammed Me!

Main Purpose of this Post: Warning to the Public

In July 2012, I had purchase four travel vouchers to Phuket from Streetdeal Malaysia. I had made an arrangement with Travelsmoove, a travel agency company in Singapore for a trip to Phuket in November 2012.

In November 2012, when my friends and I are supposingly to be happily going for our vacation , we receive an email from both Streetdeal and Absolut Inspira stating that Travelsmoove no longer in business. I have yet to make use of the voucher I purchased from Streetdeal so I sent an email to request for a full refund from streetdeal.

No refund by Streetdeal as they stated in email that Travelsmoove will responsible with the refund latest by 21st December 2012. However, Travelsmoove does not refund the amount and had since in liquidation state . In this condition, Travelsmoove is unable to honour the refund.
I went for a filing against Streetdeal in Consumer Tribunal Malaysia but to no avail. This is due to Streetdeal has a very strong Terms and Conditions to protect themselves whenever there is any problem with the merchant or the products/services itself.

According to their Clause 12 and 15, it stated that the end user does not have the right to sue/ complain against them. Merchant holds the responsible on the website content and not them. They do not go for any information screening before allowing the merchant to publish any contents. They are only act as an advertising platform which collect commission from the sales of the voucher and do not need to be responsible with whatsoever action they did in the website as we the consumers will have to bear all the risk and responsible if we were to be scammed by the dishonest merchant.

This is a very irresponsible act. They are trying to push all the responsible with a reason: if we (Streetdeal) were to refund all the users for the faulty vouchers then we (Streetdeal) will be facing financial difficulty.
So they are trying to mean the consumers SHOULD/MUST share their cost of losses. Then why when they are earning, the consumers do not have the right to share part of THEIR Profit? Nonsense defence and most annoying, the Tribunal accepted their defence stating that the consumers should know from the beginning if we were to purchase any online items from online website, we have to prepare to face all this risks and they cannot protect us due to the nonsense terms and conditions set by the irresponsible company and their arbitration as well. The consumers should not believe with any online purchasing if we do not wish to be scammed.


Thursday, 28 March 2013

I Am a Newbie


This is the first time i created a blogspot for myself.


To write all the craps that happened to me.

Funny, right?

Who on the earth will be interested with my stuff?

Love my newly-found Blogspot

Aiyok! But dun care la. People out there who wana know then please visit my blog and have a look. People who do not want to know, then close this tab. Easy, right?

I couldnt imagine I will have my own blogspot. I am not a writing person. I hate essay writing especially when I want to send resume in Jobstreet, sometimes, there are few "MaGuaiFan" company that required applicant to write few essays on " Your Biggest Achievement", Your Greatest Strength", "Your Most Memorable Experience", "Why you choose this company" and bla bla bla....I will just "main hentam'.. and write until I am a super duper good de worker and how much I love to join their company. How great is their company and so on.. If they ask me for interview then Good la. If not, then  "I will be back Next Time"

Frustated with all the Essays

Anyways, since already started the first step the I shall just continue "fan" all the readers with my life journey lor....

Why does this blogspot comes with the title "Somebody U Used to Know"??
Paiseh, coz I also dunno.

This is the first phrase that popped up in my mind. So, please do accept it la....